Welcome to the Gold Camp Victorian Society

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2012 Victorian Ball

he Gold Camp Victorian Society, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Cripple Creek, Colorado, and surrounding areas. Known as the World’s Greatest Gold Camp, the District is rich in ranching, mining and railroad history. By wearing Victorian era clothing and reenacting typical scenes of those days, the Gold Camp Victorian Society is determined to safeguard this heritage by educating all generations in the lifestyles and accomplishments of the early day residents who created and enriched our community.
his knowledge of life over one hundred years ago, presented as skits in the local schools and elsewhere, allows our children to better appreciate their community today. Our Victorian Balls, area tours and educational programs enlighten local citizens and visiting tourists, spurring interest in return trips to Cripple Creek.   We extend our historic education by participating in parades and historical reenactments in surrounding areas, such as Colorado Springs, Victor, Florissant, Canon City, Leadville, and elsewhere.

he Gold Camp Victorian Society’s activities support the City’s on-going efforts to preserve the historical culture of Cripple Creek. We are pleased to be able to work with the City of Cripple Creek in this endeavor and wholeheartedly thank the City for their support in our many activities. Our thanks, as well, to the dozens of businesses and individuals who contribute to our efforts. Our existence depends on the generosity of our many friends.

he Society began in 1999 with twenty people who liked to dress in period clothing and pursue the activities and entertainment enjoyed by the early-day Cripple Creek District pioneers. Today, we have grown to a membership exceeding eighty men and women.  The Gold Camp Victorian Society is a Not-for-Profit Corporation, known and respected throughout the State of Colorado and beyond. The society is applauded by history buffs and Historical Societies everywhere for the attention given to authenticity in clothing, manners and activities.

he Gold Camp Victorian Society’s annual Victorian Balls have rapidly become the most popular events of their kind across the State.  Attendees come from surrounding states as well as Colorado to enjoy a Victorian event in a true Victorian town.  Those in attendance are treated to lavish decorations, food, and libations.  The evening is spent in learning and enjoying Victorian dances accompanied by vintage music.

Donkey Derby Days 2012

he Gold Camp Victorian Society is actively involved in helping the City of Cripple Creek celebrate National Historic Preservation Month. Events for 2016 will include a Victorian Tea and Social Gathering, Donkey Derby Days, the Salute To American Veterans, Mt. Pisgah Speaks Cemetery Walk, as well as several parades and historical reenactments. Please see our “Events” section for details. We encourage visitors of all ages to join us at our balls and dances to learn old-time dance steps from professional instructors and to dress up in turn-of-the-century clothing.

Christmas Parade 2012

n summer Saturdays, members in period attire stroll the streets of Cripple Creek, at the request of the City,  adding an ambience of gentler days. Casino visitors and tourists are delighted with our long summer gowns and parasols, our top hats, vests and canes. Many snap our pictures and walk along with us, asking questions about the “old days.” Our hope is that people leave with a feeling this city cares about those who come to our town and return again in the future.
he Society’s Smokin’ Guns Club brings historical weapons to life. Using old single-action revolvers and double-barrel shotguns, these men and women add excitement to parades, historical reenactments, and events. Safety is our priority and training sessions held on occasional Saturdays offer practice in friendly fast draw competitions. Unarmed members come to cheer them on and partake in a potluck dinner. Click on Smokin’ Guns Club link  to learn more about this unique club.

he Mount Pisgah Speaks Cemetery tour in Cripple Creek was one of the first activities established, acting as a means to both educate visitors and raise funds for the Society. Re-enactors, dressed as historical characters such as Pearl DeVere, Mabel Barbee Lee, and Doc Susie, stand beside their tombstones and tell about their lives in early Cripple Creek. This event takes place in September and continues to be very popular among visitors to the city.

he Gold Camp Victorian Society helps make Christmas in Cripple Creek a truly memorable occasion. Victorian Society members participate in the annual community Christmas parade and other City events.

onthly meetings of the Gold Camp Victorian Society are held to plan events, conduct Society business and give people a chance to socialize and get to know each other better.  Meetings are normally held on the 4th Sunday of each month (except December) at the Cripple Creek Heritage Center, Cripple Creek.  We encourage individuals, couples and families to join us in our endeavors and our fun. Well behaved children add to the authenticity of the era, and we welcome them. If you have questions about this organization, please call President Leo Kolman at 719 964-0237. To join, please click on the Become a Member Link to the left.